Scientists use Poster Sessions to share research results with colleagues and generate scholarly conversations. A poster is a visual representation of data, methods, and results; in a Poster Session, the researcher stands near the poster and discusses the research process. The culminating SHINE Poster Session is held alongside that of ~25 visiting undergraduate scholars for a lively few hours with students, faculty, families, and staff, as you can see in this video. Below are the posters from the last two SHINE summers. See our collection of videos of SHINE students discussing their research in the first few weeks of their lab work in last year’s SHINE; these posters reflect the full seven weeks of their experience.


Cal Oppenheim 2016
Flame Propagation Through Narrow Channels

Erik Szayna 2016
Improving the Efficiency of Spherical Robots in Water

Akash Velu 2016
Improving the Efficiency of a Spherical Amphibious Robot in Water Using 3D Printed Shells


Alec Fields 2016
Assessment of Reproducibility, Biofeedback and Motion Artifact in functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Jezell Lee 2016
Miniaturizing “Heart-on-a-Chip” Constructs for Metabolic Measurements in a Standard Cell Culture Plate

Ryan Liu 2016
Characterizing Polydimethylsiloxane to Mimic Native Tumor Tissue Stiffness

Leo Siow 2015
Development of Multi-Electrode Neural Probes for Rat Hippocampal Recordings


Kevin Foster 2016
Digital Assignment of Semantic Labels to Data Sources

Andrew Kwang 2015
The Implementation of Tor Browser into MediaQ and the Measurement of Data Transmission Times


Sophia Ding 2016
Calcineurin Expression for Biochemical Assays

Aidan Shev 2016
MBP Rasin 1 and 2

Shirley Zhang 2015
Ultrathin Single Crystalline Silicon Solar Microcells for Unassisted Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting


Anthony Ma 2016
Anti-Biofouling with 3D Printing


Alexander Swerdlow 2016
Study on 2D Material Based RRAM and Remote Sensing Applications

Amber Wall 2016
Neural Network That Detects Melodies

Lucas Zhang 2016
Stereo-lithography with Variable Resolution and Shaped Beams

Grand Huynh 2015
SolidShot Glove & GraphBench

Freya Zhu 2015
Medical Applications of SOLIDshotTM Technology

Alex Marley 2015
Calculating the Efficiency of a Thermophotovoltaic System to Discover the Optimal Bandgap at Different Temperatures

Bryan Nguyen 2015
Black-Body Semiconductor Efficiency

Kenny Chan 2015
MoS2 Bandgap and Photoluminescence


Chloe Huang 2015
Wastewater Treatment and Energy Production in Environmental Engineering

Garrett Kageyama 2015
Reclaiming Energy in Wastewater Treatment


Albert Loekman 2015
Sulfur Concrete Contour Crafting Analysis and Improvement through Laser Scanning


Adrian Ballard 2016
High-Temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Chalcogenide Perovskites

Matthew Kuner 2016
Pulsed-Laser Deposition of Perovskite Materials to Create High-Mobility 2DEGs

George Papazian 2015
Modeling Fracturing in Porous Materials


Tyler Amano-Smerling 2016
Dynamic Impact on the Brain and Surrogate Materials

Shaun Chen 2016
Quantitative Measurements using High Speed Visualization Techniques

Dennis Lin 2015
Analysis of Shock Waves and their Implications in Various Fields

Alan Ton 2015
The Effects of Oblique Shock Waves on Fluids


Pavle Medvidovic 2016
Trajectory Planning with NAO Robots

Hyewon Lee 2016
Socially Assistive Robotics for Children with Autism Spectrum

Emma Kofman 2015
MyKeepon – From Toy to Research Platform

Bhav Patel 2015
Using Socially Assistive Robots and Creating an Annotator from Scratch