2018 Viterbi Robotics Invitational

April 28th at USC

(Register below — the Deadline to register is April 18, 2018)

This year, the Invitational is open to elementary, middle and high schools!

Robotics are increasingly important in our everyday lives. Mathematicians, Engineers and Scientists are developing new technologies to solve many of our current environmental issues. The purpose of the competition is to encourage gracious professionalism that leaves everyone involved feeling valued with a sense of integrity and teamwork. The goal is not just to win, but to participate fairly and to extend gracious professionalism and respect to all teams and students involved.

Prior year competitions were based on “wicked problems” facing our times such as water security, sustainability and climate change, and terrorism; as well as the Grand Engineering Challenges of advanced health informatics, restoring and improving urban infrastructure, providing access to clean water, preventing nuclear terror and engineering the tools of scientific discovery.

This year’s competition, Producing Healthy and Safe Environment Robot (PHASER), focuses on the use of robots to assist people who find themselves homeless.

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the rules, please email: stemeop @ usc.edu

We need Volunteers!

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Thanks to the generous support of Southern California Edison, all teams will participate free of charge!

Prior Competitions

Middle School
People Mover
Automated Vehicle
Rescue Robot
Hybrid Vehicle
Home Health Care Assistant
Grand Engineering Challenge – Prevent Nuclear Terror – Bomb Detection and Removal Robot
Assistive Interactive Robot – Automated Construction vehicle
Disaster Relief
Hydro-bot – clean water project

High School
People Mover
Detect and Disarm IEDs
Mars Exploration
Recycle Robot
Emergency Room Diagnostic Assistant
Grand Engineering Challenge Prevent Nuclear Terror Casualty Prevention Robot
Assitive Interatctive Robot – Construction Robot
Disaster Relief
Hydro-bot – clean water project