“Organ on a chip” is a cutting-edge technique for testing new drugs when they are still in their most experimental phase, before animal tests and before clinical tests with humans. Professor Megan McCain regularly explains her research at Orthopaedic Medical Magnet School. On this day, she spoke with the 10th grade class, all studying personalized medicine. McCain and her crew … Read More

Manufacturing focuses on making things, while educators tend to emphasize making opportunities, and the two outcomes occurred simultaenously this month at the USC Viterbi STEM Spotlight on the Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) on National Manufacturing Day, October 6, 2017. Coming all the way from Desert Junior-Senior High School near Edwards Air Base and also from Lynwood, California, two ambitious … Read More

Nineteen teachers came to USC this summer in the ACCESS 4 Teachers Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program, led by Professors Gisele Ragusa and Maja Matarić and sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Boeing Foundation. Immersed in labs throughout the engineering spectrum, from biomedical engineering to computer science, these teachers devoted themselves fulltime for five weeks to cutting-edge … Read More

Last Friday was the fourth weekly SHINE cohort lunch in which SHINE students take time out of their busy lab schedules to eat lunch together and engage in stimulating activities. Past cohort lunches have featured an engineering design challenge in which SHINE students and their Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE) mentors teamed up to build a box out of … Read More

Dr. Keyue Shen, USC Viterbi School of Engineering Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, is already introducing biotech to high school students at the STEM Academy of Boyle Heights. Eager to help students understand how their courses in biology, math, and physics can lead them to help society, as does his own research in fighting cancer, Dr. Shen has joined with … Read More

Hundreds of families, locals, and other health-interested people gathered at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) on a sunny, Saturday afternoon in hopes of receiving free health information and learning how biotech is quickly creating new job opportunities. In an effort to promote these topics, I helped represent USC at this Univision-sponsored health fair. Those who stopped by our USC booth … Read More

Spending summer inside an engineering lab is not an exciting plan for most high school students, but it is the choice of 26 students who started on Monday in the 2017 cohort of the Summer High School Intensive in Next-Generation Engineering (SHINE). How else could a pre-college student perform data collection on heart muscle beating outside the body in Professor … Read More

Until the 1990s, the aerospace industry in Los Angeles dominated the local economy and fueled national prosperity; since Pentagon budgets were cut, however, the region’s aerospace workforce has fallen by 66%. Consequently, not many high schools in Hollywood – or even in all of Los Angeles – have guidance from aerospace engineers, but Principal Paul Hirsch has attracted two experts … Read More

Instagram helps students communicate their understanding of nanoparticles when USC Viterbi School of Engineering Professor Eun Ji Chung comes to 32nd Street LAUSD/USC Media Arts & Engineering Magnet School. Partnering with teacher Riann Lawrence, Dr. Chung engages middle schoolers in how she uses nanoparticles in her biomedical engineering research into revolutionary types of medicine. When the new mass spectrometer arrives … Read More

Ivtiy Hong joined MESA during her junior year of high school. Before competing in MESA competitions, she, like many other high school students, did not know what engineering was, but loved math and science, especially physics. It was most fascinating when she had the opportunity to apply physics, science, and math to create a prosthetic arm and mousetrap car for … Read More