USC Viterbi Professors Partner with K-12 Schools Throughout the Southland

Katie MillsBlog

Instagram helps students communicate their understanding of nanoparticles when USC Viterbi School of Engineering Professor Eun Ji Chung comes to 32nd Street LAUSD/USC Media Arts & Engineering Magnet School. Partnering with teacher Riann Lawrence, Dr. Chung engages middle schoolers in how she uses nanoparticles in her biomedical engineering research into revolutionary types of medicine. When the new mass spectrometer arrives … Read More

STEM-EOP Profile of Success

Darin GrayBlog, STEM-EOP

Ivtiy Hong joined MESA during her junior year of high school. Before competing in MESA competitions, she, like many other high school students, did not know what engineering was, but loved math and science, especially physics. It was most fascinating when she had the opportunity to apply physics, science, and math to create a prosthetic arm and mousetrap car for … Read More

Women in STEM

Darin GrayBlog, STEM-EOP

According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, the number of women pursuing degrees in STEM and careers in STEM lags behind men even though the percent of high school girls interested in STEM has caught up to boys. The Educators Practice Guide of Strategies for Postsecondary Students in Developmental Education recommends strong mentorship programs as a way to encourage and … Read More